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2022/23 Upcoming Shows
Dec. 16: Skeleton Park Brewery 5-7PM 
Dec. 20: Rideaucrest Home
Jan 21: South Frontenac's Snow Social 10-11:30 AM

Jan 28: Tie One on Creativity Bar 7-9 PM
Feb. 4: Rideaucrest Home
Feb. 9: The Cove Inn, Westport 5-8PM
Feb. 11: Rideaucrest Home
Feb. 19: MacKinnon Brewery 1-4PM
Feb. 24: Skeleton Park Brewery 5-7PM 

April 21: The Loaf 'N Ale, Kingston 7-10PM
April 28: Wolfe Island Grill 

May 5: Spring Garden Market, New Leaf Wellness, Brockville

June 17: Fairies in the Park, Brockville 

Aug. 3: The Acoustic Grill, Picton 7-9PM 
Aug. 5: Riverfront Pub, Napanee 6:30-9:30PM 

2021 Dates:

March 17: Virtual St. Patrick's Day Fundraiser for the Lasalle- Mellow Lily's Facebook page 7 PM 
July 24: General Brock's Commissary-Kingston, ON 2-4PM 

July 25: Live Music Sundays- Bath, ON 4:00 PM 
July 29: Italo-Canadian Club of Kingston 5-8 PM
Aug. 20: LIVE STREAM: Happy Hour at Home 4-5PM
Aug. 21: General Brock's COmmissary- Kingston, ON 2-4PM
Aug. 27: Italo-Canadian Club of Kingston 5-8PM
Sept. 2: Live Music Sundays- Bath, ON 3:00 PM
Sept. 4: General Brock's Commissary- Kingston, ON 12 PM-2:00
Sept. 5: Live Music Sundays- Bath, ON 3:00 PM
Sept. 17: Italo-Canadian Club of Kingston 5-8 PM 
Sept. 25: Loyalist Biking Event- Hay Bay Church 11AM- 2PM 
Nov 9: The Cove Inn, Westport, ON 5-8 PM
Nov 21: Barebones Live at Skeleton Park Brewery






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