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Mellow Lily is an award winning singer songwriter and multi instrumentalist, based in Kingston, Ontario. 


Her lyrics tell the stories of the places she has been and the people she has met along the way. Her recent trip to Nashville has inspired her writing, and her style, creating a whole new sound. 

Her original ukulele material is reminiscent of Ingrid Michaelson and Grace Vanderwaal, with her strong vocals and uplifting riffs.


As a vocalist, she has the ability to use her voice for harmonies and beat boxing with her vocal looper, adding an extra element of fun to her live shows. 

Mellow Lily has toured across the country, and internationally, telling her stories of inspiration and travel along the way. Her audiences enjoy hearing tales of Canadian adventures, love, loss, and heartache. With two iTunes released EP's, and many new songs recorded in a Nashville studio, her music career is up and coming in Kingston and the surrounding area. 

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